The story of Noah and the Ark inspired us. Our goal is to save the best animals for future generations. After months of research, we selected what we felt were the best breeds based on our needs for our homestead - milk, eggs, fleece, temperament, and quality of meat.

We love our animals, so we are supplementing their feed with home grown organic produce and grass. When animals are happy, they produce better milk, eggs, and meat. We can feel good knowing our animals are living their best lives.

We have found a very nice way to keep our land as sustainable as possible. We grow Wheat Grass, Wheat Berries, and other Microgreens for us and for our New Zealand rabbits. Our rabbits make fertilizer that is ready for use in 3 months. We use that as our fertilizer nutrient for the produce. Whatever produce we do not eat, we will use a canning process to store the produce long-term, or give it to our animals. The animals are protected 24/7 by our Great Pyrenees dogs. Our ducks and chickens provide eggs for us, our dogs, and extra for the local Portola Co-Op. Our sheep provide wool which we sell online as unspun and spun wool. Extra meat is given to our family and sold at farmer's markets.

Noah's Farmland is located in Portola-California. It is a beautiful, quiet, small mountain town just outside of the northern part of Tahoe National Forest.