Great Pyrenees

The Superior Livestock Guardian Dog

Here on the farm we also raise livestock guardian dogs as protectors for our herd.  We have found the Great Pyrenees to be the perfect breed for livestock protection. They are loyal loving dogs who take their job seriously.  They are fearless and fearsome to their enemies. They not only protect "their" livestock, but they also protect their people, cats, other dogs, chickens, children and their area of responsibility completely.  They don't bark unless there is a reason, and our Great Pyreneese have been able to keep the mountain lions and bears at bay.  Thanks to our Great Pyrenees, we have not lost a single animal on our farm to a predator, including our ducks, chickens, and rabbits.

We have 2 Great Pyreneese that we purchased from AKC-registered breeders.  Our Great Pyrenees are full AKC papered, and their litters will be papered.


Nova is a curious and happy dog who will be a great mom someday.  She loves the bunnies, gives them snoot-boops, and wants to make sure they are safe.  She will lay under and around them, and always keeps an eye on them.  She has never hurt any bunny or baby bunny, and loves to protect our other livestock as well.  Her guardian instincts are fully fledged, and she is a very good girl.

We are looking for a mate for her so we can have purebred AKC Great Pyrenees puppies.