Mangalitsa Pigs

"The Wagyu of Pork"

Noah's Farmland began researching pigs with the highest quality meat that also had the best reputation for being gregarious and calm, a less labor-intensive livestock, and producing the highest quality of meat.  The Mangalitsa was the only pig we found that met all of our criteria.

The Mangalitsa is an Old World breed pig indigenous to Hungary. The Mangalitsa was nearly lost to extinction by the 1990s, when fewer than 200 pigs remained in Hungary. The pig was saved by the slogan "eat them to save them" because the Mangalitsa pig is prized for its high fat marbled meat.  However, the meat is arguably the tastiest pork in the world.  The meat is reddish, highly marbled with a creamy white fat, and high in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants.  The Mangalitsa lard is lighter, and melts at a lower temperature than common lard because it contains more unsaturated fat.  The higher fat content allows Mantalitsa cured pork to have a deeper flavor without losing moisture.  The Mangalitsa is also it is the last pig in existence to sport a wooly coat, and the fleece can be black, or red, or blonde. 

Mangalitsa has been hailed as the "Wagyu of pork" and attracted critical acclaim from chefs around the world. Personally, we felt the mangalitsa was the best pork we've ever tasted, and that's why we invested in these pigs.  We wanted to share them with our family, friends, and customers.

Our Mangalitsa boar is a registered, purebred Swallow Belly Mangalitsa.  Our 2 sows are Strawberry Mangalitsas (red/swallow-belly color mix), and when bred with our boar can create red, swallow belly, and/or "rottweiler" (black & red) colored mangalitsas.  All of their litters are purebred, can be papered, and they would be considered mixed color.

We are members of MBOAR, a purebred registry and promoter of Mangalitsas, and we want to maintain the purity and beauty of the Mangalitsa.  We have 3 mangalitsa gilts available, born on July 4, 2023.  Please contact us if you would like a purebred mangalitsa.