Meat, Fur, & Wool

We are proud to be members of the ARBA, and we plan to enter several rabbit competitions in 2023.  Please contact us if you are interested in purebred, papered rabbits.  We have 8 week old rabbits available at the end of every month.

About Our Rabbits

All of our rabbits live in a luxurious townhouse where they are well protected from the elements.  We pick up and love our bunnies every day, and give them extra long times between breedings so we do not stress them out.  All of our bunnies are fed organic pellets, extra garden produce, and grass from our pasture.  They live stress-free, loved, happy lives.  We perform selective breeding to make sure we are producing the best quality rabbits.  Due to the wild rabbits in the area, we do not allow our rabbits to graze outside of our garden which is protected by bunny-proof fencing.

Champion Rabbits - Silver Fox

Silver Fox rabbits have one of those most beautiful and soft silver coats.  They are also incredibly docile and sweet rabbits.  Pictured is our award-winning buck "Floofers" who loves to cuddle.

We are proud to be members of the National Silver Fox Club, and we pride ourselves on breeding show-quality, healthy Silver Fox rabbits.

Best [Meat:Time] Rabbit - New Zealand

New Zealand rabbits are arguably the best meat rabbit.  They have on average about 8-10 bunnies per litter, and can have litters every 60 days.  Within 10 weeks a NZ rabbit weighs between 5-7lbs.  That means every month we have about 30lbs of meat per doe.  On average we spend about $0.42/lb on our rabbits.  We spend extra on the organic food, but we feel it is worth it.  

The rabbits also make a significant contribution to our fertilizer fund.  Bunny Berries are 3-month composted rabbit poop high in nitrogen and ready to fertilize our garden and orchard.  Bunnies make a lot of poop, and it's one of the best poops for gardens.

We offer the following colors: Black, White, Blue, and Broken Blue.  We do not have reds.

Best Shine Fur Rabbit - Satins

Satin rabbits are the only breed of rabbit with a beautiful satin fur.  Many rabbits are crossbred with them to impart their satin fur into that breed of rabbit.  They are arguably the softest and shiniest rabbit, which is why their fur is prized.  Pictured is our Satin Otter Buck "Seaweed."

We offer the following colors: Otter, black, and broken colors.