Apiary & Honey


Where would we be without bees?  It's estimated over 1/3 of all food grown is due to bees polinating the flowers to create the produce we eat.  Over the last couple of decades, bees suffered tremendously due to pesticides and neonicotinoids causing Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).  Since Noah's Farmland strives for the organic lifestyle, we are able to offer the bees a safe place to live and pollinate.  They pollinate our orchard, our garden, and they provide us delicious wildflower honey.  We use this honey to make mead.

Our bees are Italian Honey Bees.  They are more docile and can produce more honey than most other bee varieties.  When we harvest the honey, we leave some for them.  We do not feed our bees corn syrup.  We also do not spray pesticides in our orchard, and we use bunny berries as our fertilizer.  We do everything we can to keep our bees healthy and producing the cleanest high quality honey they can.

Please contact us if you are interested in honey.  Our next available batch will be ready Q2 2025.