Chickens & Rainbow Eggs

Heirloom Chickens and Meat Chickens

One of the joys we have is watching our free-range chickens scratch and play on our farmland.  We have a wide variety of heirloom chickens laying several different colors of "rainbow" eggs.  We feed our chickens organic food, and they scratch on our land where we don't use pesticides.  

We have about 40 chickens and 3 roosters.  Our roosters are affectionately called Big Red, Barry Manacrow, and Milton.  Each of our chickens have names based on their personalities - Midas, Victoria, Krusty the Clown, Glitter, Sprinkles, Slippers, Elvis, and others.  We love our chickens, and they love us. 

Our meat breeds include White Rock, Delaware, New Hampshire, Barred Rock, and crosses of them.  We are currently looking for a White Cornish rooster.

We are still getting chicken eggs, so if you would like chick, pullet, or chicken, please contact us.